Te Waihora Living Lake Symposium 2017

//Te Waihora Living Lake Symposium 2017

Te Waihora Living Lake Symposium 2017

Registrations are now open for the sixth Living Lake Symposium at Lincoln University on 09/10 November 2017.

The theme of the sixth biennial Living Lake Symposium is Streams of Action Ngā  Au Tūmahi

The symposium is a two day event consisting of a field trip and a day of presentations.

Registrations and payments must be received by November the 3rd -fill in the form below or download the registration form here .

FIELD TRIP – Thursday November 9th

The bus will leave from Lincoln University Orchard Carpark (gate 3 Springs Road) at 9am.

The trip will travel through the Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere catchment to Whitecliffs and then return to the lake. Along the way we will be visiting points of interest and some of the practical projects and research currently happening in the catchment. We will return to Lincoln University by 5pm for refreshments and networking. Book now – places are limited.

Download more information about the field trip here.

PRESENTATIONS – Friday November 10th

At Lincoln University in the Steward Building. Gather at 8.45 with welcomes starting at 9 am

The presentations will focus on ‘Streams of Action’…the range of work underway that will help us achieve our vision for improved health and biodiversity of Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere  and its catchment. The presentations will give you a broad overview of lake governance and  management, links between science and farming, catchment based research/projects – including  updates on land, water, flora, fauna, recreation, the local economy and cultural health.

The 2017 ‘State of the Lake’ report will be included in the symposium pack available on November 10th.

Download the presentation day programme here.

Symposium Registration

IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY - please also complete the information below: NOTE: these details will not be retained after the Symposium.
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Fees (GST inclusive)

Please note a maximum of one concessionary registration per person is available, regardless of concessionary type (WET member, student, beneficiary or superannuitants.

Full Concessionary
Full Symposium (both days) $75 $45
Field trip only $30 $15
Presentation Day only $60 $40

I will be attending:
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Please note: We offer vegetarian and gluten free choices with all our symposium catering – it will be clearly labeled.

People participating in this event may be photographed by staff members, or other involved with the event. These photographs may be used in newsletters and media release. If you do not want your photo used in this way please notify the organisers on the day.

Thanks to all partner organisations and sponsors (listed below) for making this event possible and for allowing us to keep registration fees very low.






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